MOSS Jam 2014 results

Moss Jam 2014 was held on Saturday the 4th of October 2014 at Mt Eliza skate park and all of the proceeds and profits went to the MOSS Clean water project in Swaziland.

2014 Moss Jam Results:

MOSS Jam Freestyle Expression Session – Honourable Mentions
Jon McGrath
Clint Chin Quan
Cam Wells
Wedge Francis
Gravel Burns
Karl Eastaway

MOSS Jam Bank Retro Styling Expression Session – Honourable Mentions
Marty Kent
Clint “Ching” Quan
Jon McGrath
Wedge Francis
Tony Hallam
Luke Jones

MOSS Jam 60+ Seniors
1 Steve Friedman
2 Eugene Docherty


50+ Grand Masters
1 Noel Forsyth
2 Jon McGrath
3 Clint Chin Quan
3 Rob “Wedge” Francis
4 Cam Wells
5 Darren Montague
6 Marty Kent
7 Darren “Big Dazza” Lacey
8 Steve Welch
9 Jono
10 Karl Eastaway
11 Daryl Gordon

MOSS Jam 40+ Masters
1 Luke Jones
2 Dan Rodwell
3 Billy Harrison
4 Luke Foster
5 John Bogaerts
6 John Parmeter
7 Graham Edwards
8 Tony Hallam
9 Sam Hewson
10 Bruce Fairlie
11 Ed Keating
12 Mike Wittman
13 Gravel Burns
14 Jeremy Rowling
15 Scott McKenzie
16 Alistair Miller
17 Brett Watters
18 Drew Hayes
19 Nathan Pearce
20 Efi (Chris Jozsa)
21 Mark Godfrey
22 Ashley Foster

MOSS Jam 13+ Fossil & Grommet
(name of grommet listed only)
1 Jackson Bogaerts
2 Jedd McKenzie
3 Isaak Godfrey
4 Billy Abrahams
5 Daniel Hallet
6 George Richards
7 Sari Simpson
8 Noah Regan
9 Rowan Docherty

MOSS Jam Under 13 Fossil & Grommet
(name of grommet listed only)
1 Zepp Heyes
2 Max Millar
3 Angus Owens
3 Max Owens
4 Kobe Higgins
5 Julian Lawton
6 Kai Lawton
7 Mark Godfrey
8 Angus Edwards
9 Teejay Watters
10 Ethan Ballard
11 Poppy Gordon

MOSS Jam Girls all ages
1 Ava Godfrey
2 Sari Simpson
3 Poppy Gordon

Bowl Riders Open
1 RJ Barbaro
2 Lachlan Bouillis
3 Jackson Bogaerts
4 Louis Durand
5 Jake Edwards
6 George Richards
7 Luke Jones
8 Geoff Cook
9 Daniel Hallet
10 Billy Abrahams
11 Noah Regan
12 Bryce McKean
13 Jayden Thomson
14 Ava Godfrey

Bowl Riders Under 18
1 Jedd McKenzie
2 Bryce McKean
3 Zac Callaghan
3 Isaak Godfrey
4 Simon Dunn
5 Zepp Heyes
6 Billy Abraham
7 Mani Swift
8 Max Owens
9 Zac Callaghan
10 Sari Simpson
11 Tig Clarke
12 Kalani Vozzo
13 Daniel Hallet
14 Kai Lawton
15 Kobe Higgins
16 Angus Owens
17 Jake Pucar
18 Louis Newman
19 Cody Cadogan
20 Julian Lawton

Bowl Riders Under 13 Groms
1 Zepp Heyes
2 Kobe Higgins
3 Ava Godfrey
4 Zach Callaghan
5 Bryce McKean
6 Sari Simpson
7 Louis Newman
8 Dali Shaw
9 Poppy Gordon
10 Julian Mansfield
11 Angus Owens
12 Strider Webb
13 Jake Pucar
14 Kai Lawton
15 Max Owens
16 Daniel Mason
17 Teejay Watters
18 Julian Lawton
19 Angus Edwards
20 Ethan Ballard

St Kilda at Last

See latest From St Kilda News

By Sean Coughlin
Thursday, 09/10/2014

St Kilda has some amazing news for the skateboard community. Last month, a seven year old boy named Julian Lawton asked Port Phillip Council, “Why do other kids who play footy etc get to have a Competition, I don’t understand when skating is my sport why I can’t go in a Competition at St Kilda, I live to skate!”. The community has come together to over turn a ban for a trial skateboarding competition, approved by the Mayor and Council.

This trial will be a gathering for all skaters to compete, enjoy and have fun for the whole community. If everything goes well it will possibly be a future event area for all skateboarding fanatics and those who really want to thrive in their passion. More information will be available as the trial draws closer and is expected to be hosted in mid 2015.

Council trials skateboard competition

VSA thanks Julian Lawton,  Renton Millar, Rob Francis, Caroline Walsh Lawton, Tas Pappas and the St Kilda Bowl Riders for their efforts in lobbying council for many years!
We also need to thank the councilors for having the courage to build the skate-park in the face of a decade of objections, and for finding the courage to allow the trial.
This story underlines the benefits of an empowered community of passionate volunteers, working together, to be their best!

Bulleen Bowl Jam

Cup Day Skate

Community Sport And Recreation Awards 2014

VSA is proud of our nomination as a finalist in this year’s awards, and congratulates the Macedon Ranges Running club for their efforts in winning the category.

Outdoor Active Recreation Initiative

  • Djillay Ngalu “Healthy Together” Sport and Active Recreation Program
  • Macedon Ranges Running Club
  • Victorian Skatepark League

The Victorian Skate Park League now comprises more than 50 events across the state, and is the biggest program of its kind world wide.

VSA gives thanks the efforts of Ryan Harbottle and Nick Stephenson of the YMCA team for their efforts in making the VSL series such a great contribution to our community.

This year we also welcome the team at Indigo Shire, and the growing pool of VSL volunteers, who with YMCA have grown the VSL series, sustainably, into a State wide competition pathway for all Victorian Skateboarders to be their best.

Click here for The Minister for Sport’s announcement on 26 September 2016
Click here for the full list of nominations
Click here for the winners.

Yarra Ranges Countdown


North Western Skatepark Series 2014

The North Western Series returns for another year with 14 parks across the region and a heap of legit sponsors jumping on board with a ton of rad prizes.

Download the series guidelines and your entry form here

Check the venues and dates below!

Sat 20th Sep - Wallan Skatepark

Sat 4th Oct - Epping Skate Escape

Sat 11th Oct - Greensborough Skatepark

Sat 18th Oct - Wyndham Vale Skatepark

Sat 25th Oct - Gisborne Skatepark

Sat 1st Nov - Reservoir Skatepark

Sat 8th Nov - Mansfield Skatepark

Sat 15th Nov - Yarraville Skatepark

Sat 22nd Nov - Bacchus Marsh

Sat 29th Nov - Deer Park Skatepark

Sat 6th Dec - Kinglake Skatepark

Sun 7th Dec - Taylors Hill Skatepark

Sat 13th Dec - Riverslide Skatepark (SKATE ONLY)

Skate & BMX divisions – 12 & Under – 16 & Under – Open – Open Female
Scoot division – 15 & Under – Open

For regular updates on all things league “like” the Skate Park Leagues on facebook here and follow us on Instagram here

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Yarra Ranges Down Hill – Top skaters to compete

Story from Star Community News:

Brady Lane (Geelong) and Zak Mills-Goodwin (Upper Ferntree Gully) lead Dan Bailey (Canberra) in an elimination final at last year's Downhill Festival. Picture: GREG CARRICK

2nd September 2014

MOUNT Donna Buang will be a hub of skating, sliding and speed later this year, when the 2014 Australian Downhill Skateboard Racing Championship comes to the summit.

The Victorian Skateboarding Association’s Yarra Ranges Downhill Festival will be held on Mount Donna Buang in Warburton on 16 November, moving from its regular spot in Baynes Road, Monbulk.

With a track three times the length of Monbulk’s one kilometre road, this year’s event will double as the Australian championships for downhill skating, and state representatives will be competing in races.  Racers will make their way down Donna Buang Road three kilometres from the summit, to the Ten Mile car park, and are expected to reach speeds of up to 85 kilometres per hour.

President of the Victorian Skateboarding Association, Bernard Griffiths, said the main attraction would be an elimination race, and that the festival would run through the morning until around 4pm. He praised the Yarra Ranges Council for agreeing to close off the road for the event, and said that the last two years of events in Monbulk had been wildly successful. Mr Griffiths said that safety would be at the forefront of the event, with the road closed off, and participants wearing full motorcycle helmets and leathers while racing. “It is a bit of an extreme sport, to stay on a skateboard at that speed without wobbling or flying off – they have to be at peak fitness to do that,” he said. “It’s a good course, both because we can get all the traffic off and manage the safety properly. “It’s good we’re able to deliver a strong road safety message.”

Yarra Ranges Youth Services will be at the event, and event director, Al VanDenBerg, said a mini-market, slalom competitions and free-rides would take place on the day.
The Yarra Ranges Downhill Festival will be held from 9am-5pm on Donna Buang Road, Warburton.
For more information, visit


Heat 4 of the Loddon Mallee Hume Series visited a sold out Kerang Skate Park on Sunday.

In the Skate Joel Mirabito beat the Tre Flip curse to win the opens just pipin’ an inform Brodie McQuie at the post! Check some skate highlights in an Instagram clip here

Check the series scoreboards below by clicking on the highlighted area!


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The 2014 LMHS visited the Swan Hill Skate Park on Sunday the 17th of August!

Trick of the day in my humble and more than likely un-educated opinion went to Joel Mirabito with his Krooks Transfers on lock! Brad Saunders won his 2nd straight heat in the opens division whilst scooter rider turned skateboarder Lucas Calwell took out the 16’s. View some skate highlights in an insty clip right here.

Remember we have a week lay-off between heats coming up, so hit the ice baths and enjoy a two week recovery period before we hit the Kerang Skate Park like a whirlwind from Chi-Town!

Check the series scoreboards below by clicking on the highlighted area!


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